Nonstop Knight App Reviews

99 add

Needs more to it

Fun game just kinda gets really dull after a while

Fun, with more depth than I thought

Really great!

Pretty good

U d try


Some new twists and new concepts. Fun little no stress game. I dont often write reviews but this one seemed worth it. Enjoy new concepts over the typical regurgitated drudge. Worth a try honestly. Not sure about replay though.

Really addicting

So I decided to play this game reminds me a lot of the click adventure games but with more of a Diablo or torchlight feeling. Really easy to play when you have limited time to play.

Simple and fun

Simple which is good!


Not a bad little game. Keeps you entertained while you play and collects coins while your away.

The best

Super duper game!

Great game

Love it is really fun game!



Great time

Easy to play quality game

Absolutely amazing

You will NOT regret downloading this game


Addicting, non-stop fun. This game is amazingly fun all the time!

Nice game

Really enjoy playing

Well made

Great game. This game is actually great. The game play is awesome. You need to get this game. Its hands down one of my favorites.


All I can say is how is this legal its more addicting then any drug! Lol haha just playing I absolutely love this game I would give it a million stars if I could! Great make guys keep up the great work! Hope to see a nonstop knight 2! Just great freaking job guys!

I like it

Didnt think I would like but it is ok

Very funny


Fun little game.

Good, mindless fun. I like that theres no pressure to do microtransactions.

Heck yah

Totally sweet

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